Academic Conference Services

Global Harrisco team organizes academic conferences for researchers

Academic conferences serve as an excellent platform for learning about the emerging trends of research in different fields.
Harrisco, the number 1 academic editing company in the World, has been organizing academic conferences since 1997.
As a name to reckon with in the world of scholarly publishing, Global Harrisco now strives to bridge the gap between researchers and high-impact SCI (Science Citation Index) journals. Global Harrisco is now expanding this service to researchers all across the world by arranging online webinars of the conferences.
A strict review committee that consists of the Editors-in-Chief of these journals maintains the high standards of the conference. Please visit the conference website for more details.

All conference papers are strictly checked for plagiarism through our sophisticated CopyKiller Software. The proceedings of the conference contain the abstracts of all conference papers. About 12-15 high-quality papers are published in full in our collaborating SCI journals. All the papers are first polished by the native English editors who work with Harrisco.

Finally, let’s understand why researchers attend academic conferences. Most graduate students can attract a research grant by widely publicizing their work and getting it published in SCI journals.
An academic conference is an excellent platform for disseminating the findings of your research study. Early career researchers can also use academic conferences to network with international researchers and keynote speakers that attend the conference. Keynote speakers are international experts, who set the tone of the conference. A quick question-and-answer session is held at the end of each oral presentation to facilitate the exchange of ideas.
Each author has to complete an oral presentation within 10 minutes. Come, lets share and grow our research network through academic conferences.

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